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Pronunciation Workshop

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4 hours
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Improve your spoken communication with our Pronunciation workshop.

We make it easy to achieve clear English pronunication. In this workshop, we will focus on 3 areas:

Comprehension, Mouth Shapes & Sounds, and Vocabulary

- Comprehension

We will give you oral comprehension exercises designed to improve your comprehension, listening and voicing skills. To do this we will use cockpit, ATC communication and other aviation scenarios with which to practice with. We will place emphasis on clarity and mis-pronunciation of certain common words.

- Mouth Shapes & Sounds

The instructor will demonstrate how the different areas of the mouth should to be utilised in order to speak English clearly. The shape of the jaw and mouth area are highlighted, giving each individual a better understanding of areas for development.


Along with understanding how to shape your mouth appropriately, we will look at all 44 individual sounds that oral English consists of. It is complemented with practical exercises and interactive activities, in order to put the theatrical knowledge gained into practice.

- Vocabulary

In this module, we expand your vocabulary by introducing sets of words which can be used in a mixture of aviation related, mechanical and professional contexts.


Along with expanding your vocabulary we will ensure that you understand the meaning and correct pronunciation of each individual word.


Each participant will be given exercises and asked to practice with fellow students, utilising the newly learnt words as well as actively practicing the use of these words with those around you outside of the classroom. 

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